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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  June 3, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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you down. >> all right, sue. and a southern california wildfire explodes in size chasing thousands from their homes. you will hear from evacuates who had just minutes to get out. >> temperatures cooling down around the bay area. still a lot of sunshine coming our way and a heat wave coming in our direction too. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and some overnight roadwork still out there on northbound 101 just near sfo causing some big brake lights as you pass towards san francisco. we'll update you on this coming up. >> thank you, liz. and good morning, everyone. monday has arrived. it's june 3rd. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 6:00. it could be a rough commute for drivers on the richmond/san rafael bridge. >> some new lane changes have gone into effect. traffic has shifted on 580 just east of the toll plaza on the richmond side. kpix 5 reporter sue kwon joins us live from the approach now. sue, how's it going so far? >> reporter: well, the commute is well under way. we have east- and westbound traffic slowing pretty smoothly right now and i'm standing just east of the toll plaza. i want to show you what it
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looks like from above. now, we have the left lane now shut down and so those westbound drivers will shift across the median to the right of the screen and share four lanes. it's tight, no shoulders so east- and westbound drivers will be side to side. it's going to feel different. this is all so caltrans can replace roadways sections that happen to be running over from chevron pipes. >> our main concern was ambulance, police, fire, what arrangements have been made if we have a catastrophic event, if someone gets hurt, has a heart attack, if we have a fire. >> reporter: now, he is a resident at the san pablo yacht harbor talking about a detour that's going to be in place for the folks going eastbound at the 85 western drive on-ramp. those drivers are going to have detour at the bicycle facility and for big rigs they have to
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go to san quentin turn around and come back. that's canine mile detour. so a little bit of -- that's a 9-mile detour. so that's a little bit of a headache. people are slowing down approaching the toll plaza and coming off the bridge heading eastbound taillights because it is very tight there are no shoulders and those drivers have to watch out. for more on the roadways, let's go to elizabeth wenger. >> thanks, sue. we are closely watching traffic sensors on traffic heading toward the richmond/san rafael bridge. speeds are moving well right now. there were some big backups yesterday and chp is warning drivers 45 miles per hour the new speed limit in the construction area. also there's no shoulder so one accident, one stall, is going to take a little longer to clear than we have seen in the past. also traveling along the peninsula northbound 101, there's some overnight roadwork. it was set to clear around 6:00 this morning but lanes are still blocked. kcbs mobile 1 drove past the
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scene and we are still seeing brake lights from sfo all the way towards the 380 interchange. southbound 101 looks okay right now through san bruno. and westbound 580 seeing some slowing as well coming out of the altamont pass past north flynn continuing towards about vasco. 29 minutes is that drive time. and we'll get a quick look at the bay bridge toll plaza. they did activate the metering lights so that's why we're seeing delays in the cash and fastrak lanes backed up towards the first overcrossing. that is traffic. for the latest in the forecast, here's lawrence. >> all right. sea breeze kicking in some fog returning to the coastline some inside the bay but looking sunny from our mount vaca cam early on today. but all signs pointing towards a cooler day outside as the sea breeze will be stronger and that's carrying some fog inside the bay. over the bay bridge right now we can see some of those clouds. so we have some changes in the weather for today. temperatures running in the 40s and the 50s. i think by the afternoon, where yesterday we had some 90s showing up in some of the valleys today, we'll be much cooler outside still comfortable inland but these temperatures down a good 2 to
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13 degrees from yesterday's highs about 82 in livermore. 80 degrees still warm in concord and 63 degrees in san francisco. we'll a heat wave. we'll tell you when coming up. >> thank you. a developing story right now in san francisco. crews have a major clean-up job ahead of them. a large tree has fallen blocking lanes and crushing a car on lombard street. this is between laguna and buchanan. no one was injured. and it's in the clear what caused the tree to come down. the city says it will take a while to cut up and clear the tree. no word on when lombard will reopen. another tree down in san jose is still being cleaned up. an arborist will be out today trying to figure out what caused the 100-year-old oak tree to split in half and then fall. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is at the scene in the willow glen neighborhood. and kate -- and cate, it's a mess out there. >> reporter: arborists will have work ahead of them.
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there's a lot more to be done. this 60-foot oak tree still needs to be cut down and cleared out. people in the area want to know why it happened. we know that this tree is more than 100 years old. now, witnesses told kpix 5 they ran for their lives when this tree split in half saturday afternoon. it happened at willow street frank bramhall park. half of it fell on parked cars along camino ramon. the other half came crashing down on a bowling green where the 49ers coaching staff and wives were having a private party. >> i have never seen anything so violent happen so fast. >> looks like decay in the innards of the tree. once we get to the base of the tree we'll find out the cause of it. >> now, it's that decay that will have experts looking at other trees in the area this morning. tree specialists say they will do hazard analysis to make sure other trees are not in danger
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of falling too. but back out live, take a look at this. this damage now to these cars here raising questions about the other trees in this area. and neighbors tell us they are concerned about again those other trees in this neighborhood so hopefully, arborists can find answers in today's investigation. live in san jose, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> thank you. two people were treated for nonlife-threatening injuries and are expected to be okay. it is 6:06. new this morning three people were shot overnight in oakland' -- in oakland at 13th and webster. all three are expected to survive. this is just one of at least 7 shootings that happened in the city over the weekend. a man was killed at the intersection of 90th and international yesterday. two others were also injured. their injuries are nonlife- threatening. and oakland police plan to address the issue of sideshows today. three people were shot during
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one of those illegal car shows on saturday morning. a female victim is in critical condition and two men suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. developing news out of southern california. thousands of people have been forced out of their homes by a wildfire. the powerhouse fire has been burning about 30 miles north of los angeles for five days. you're looking at live pictures right now. you can see all of that smoke. flames have reached the high desert city of lancaster. more than 22,000 acres have burned. nearly 3,000 people have been forced out of their homes. and six homes have been destroyed. the blaze is burning dense brush on rugged terrain that hasn't burned for more than 80 years and some people had only minutes to get out before flames reached their homes. >> i lost everything i own. i don't have any resources to rebuild my things over again. the flames were 200 feet high. it was horrible. we couldn't breathe. it was nothing but smoke.
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>> three firefighters suffered minor injuries. the fire is about 20% contained right now. and the cause is under investigation. 7 people still unaccounted for this morning after the latest violent storms hammered oklahoma over the weekend. friday's tornadoes and floods killed at least 13 people in the el reno area. more than 100 others were injured and in some cases people sought shelter in drainage ditches only to be swept away by floodwaters. >> my dad got a phone call that they were missing. so he came down here to help look for them. >> among those killed were veteran storm chasers tim and paul sam maras and carl young. they died when the car was hit by one of the twisters. one of the bodies found a half mile from the vehicle. bay area red cross chapters have sent members to oakland to help in the relief efforts. and storm chaser daniel shaw shot this video of tornadic winds flipping a tractor-trailer on its side. this is near el reno south of
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oklahoma city. in addition to flipping big rigs, the storm system uprooted trees, broke down power lines and damaged buildings including an airport terminal. >> wow. yosemite park rangers will resume the search for a hiker who was swept over a 600-foot waterfall. 19-year-old aleh kalman from sacramento was swimming 150 feet from the edge of the nevada fall on saturday afternoon. he was caught up in the swift currents of the merced river. >> all we can do is pray and hope for the best. it's all in god's hands right now. >> kalman was at yosemite traveling with a church group. and merced river has a dangerous past. two young boys died there last august after being swept into the river near vernal fall. the six and ten-year-old brothers were wading in the river when they were caught in a strong current. and in july of 2011, three people died in that same area after they were swept over the
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317-foot vernal fall. 6:09. two men are set to go on trial in martinez in connection with the gang-rape at richmond high school. it's an unusual dual jury trial. 22-year-old jose montano of richmond and 20-year-old marcelles peter out of pinole pled not guilty. police say the 16-year-old girl was beaten, robbed and raped after a homecoming dance in 2009. she is expected to testify. two other men have been sentenced after agreeing to plea deals and two others are awaiting trial dates. tomorrow is the special election in santa clara county's district 2 to replace george shirakawa, jr. on the board of supervisors. he resigned in march part of a plea deal on charges that he misused public and campaign funds. he is due to be sentenced this friday. there are six candidates on the ballot. if no one gets majority of the votes, a top two will have a runoff on july 30. 6:10. a health scare involving costco
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berries. the hepatitis outbreak that's spread to the bay area. >> and one of music's biggest names selling out at the america's cup concert series. some neighbors were actually wishing the noise was a little louder. we'll explain coming up. >> plus, pedal power. thousands of cyclists join together to spread aids awareness across the state. ,, look at 'em. living on cloud nine with that u-verse wireless receiver. you see in my day, when my mom was repainting the house, you couldn't just set up a tv in the basement. i mean, come on! nope. we could only watch tv in the rooms that had a tv outlet. yeah if we wanted to watch tv someplace else, we'd have to go to my aunt sally's. have you ever sat on a plastic covered couch? [ kids cheering ] you're missing a good game over here. those kids wouldn't have lasted one day in our shoes. [ male announcer ] add a wireless receiver. call to get u-verse tv for just $19 a month
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dance class, shopping, and more. so do something nice for it. chevron with techron. care for your car. veteran musician "sting" performed last night, part ' little rock and roll and we like it. all part of the america's cup festivities. veteran musician sting performed last night at the new open air america's cup pavilion a temporary venue on the san francisco waterfront. some people living nearby complained about the noise. others enjoyed the show without
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buying expensive tickets. >> there are others who were running to our rooftops saying, well, i wish they wouldn't cut back on the sound levels. we're up here to listen. >> especially for sting. the concert series runs through september. >> it's a free concert there, sting. >> he is still rocking it elizabeth. >> i know. i think i was outside at a restaurant in north beach the other side of the hill. i didn't hear anything. so only goes so far. let's go out live show you a couple of our live traffic cameras. first to our maps. northbound 101 between sfo and 380. we have a little bit of late running roadwork now. it was scheduled to wrap up by 6:00 but obviously some lanes are still blocked out there. we are seeing unusual slowing now heading towards -- through san bruno and heading towards san francisco. so again, this is that stretch of roadwork still there and causing an unusual backup. 280 so far free and clear all
6:16 am
the way down through san mateo county. westbound 580 seeing our usual brake lights begins in tracy from 205 and continues through the altamont pass. once you get closer towards north livermore avenue, that's weather we start to see things break up. but the drive time is in the red already. 34 minutes between the altamont pass and the dublin interchange. and we'll give you a quick look at the silicon valley ride if you are traveling westbound 237, this is at 880 and 237 in milpitas, it's actually great all the way towards sunnyvale no delay there. all right. here's more live traffic cameras for you. we have them all around the bay area. here's a live look at the south bay and you can see a pretty picture now. i have the sun starting to come up northbound and southbound 101 no delay between san jose and santa clara. and checking the golden gate bridge now, southbound 101 looks okay but as we have been mentioning all morning if you are trying to get towards the golden gate bridge using lombard all the northern lanes are blocked between -- northbound lanes are blocked at laguna. the marina boulevard ramp is
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free and clear towards the golden gate bridge. and one more live traffic camera for you here's a live look closer towards the dublin interchange. westbound 580 so far looking good all the way towards the castro valley y. that is a check of your "timesaver traffic." for the latest on your forecast, a little bit of fog out there, lawrence. >> that's right. the fog is back, the sea breeze kicked in and the temperatures are going to be cooler outside today the 90s are gone for now but will likely make a return later on this week. outside patchy fog at the coastline and inside the bay. we'll see sunshine for most folks and temperatures going to be cooler, though, and staying mild through the middle of the week. after that numbers heat up once again. low pressure spinning off the coastline just strong enough to enhance the marine layer and bring back the low clouds and fog. that's going to help to cool down the temperatures, a much milder start to the week and probably through the middle of the week then after that a huge dome of high pressure beginning to move in. your pollen count, we are running in the moderate categories today. grass, olive and juniper going to be the concern if you are sniffing and sneezing outside. by the way, we now have arrival
6:18 am
delays at sfo. so watch out for that. going to see some delays there this morning before the clouds begin to lift into the afternoon. temperatures around the the u.s. about 95 degrees and partly cloudy in houston, 91 in denver, chicago 63 and mostly sunny, still some thunderstorms could cause some delays in new york. they are expecting about 77 degrees there. around the bay today, 70s into the south bay, 80 los gatos, 72 redwood city, sunny this afternoon and 50s and 60s at the coastline. east bay numbers, yesterday we had highs there in the 90s. today it will be much cooler 70s and 80s still on the warm side. you will see 60s inside the bay and plenty of 60s and 70s in the north bay. next couple of days night and morning low clouds and fog giving way to plenty of sunshine in the afternoon. by then a major heatup on the horizon getting near triple digits. wouldn't be surprised to see some triple digits as we head toward next weekend. >> on saturday you couldn't put a c note on there.
6:19 am
>> that may change tomorrow. >> it will push numbers off the side but that's okay. >> i like the hot weather. >> thank you. a case of hepatitis "a" caused by frozen berries sold at costco is now being investigated a 62-year-old woman was hospitalized last month and has since recovered. she bought townsend farms frozen berries the subject of a recall last month. more than 2,000 bags of the berries have been sold just in contra costa county since february. around 30 people have become ill in five states including california. there's new hope for people who suffer from melanoma one of the deadliest forms of cancer. ucla researchers performed preliminary tests on the new drug called [ indiscernible ] 38% of advanced melanoma patients taking the medication saw improvement. researchers say the drug reactivates the body's immune system to fight cancer cells and has no serious side effects. 6:19 now. thousands of cyclists are now making a week-long ride from the bay area down to l.a.
6:20 am
it's all part of the annual aids lifecycle. people are pedaling their way some 545 miles of california countryside all to raise money and awareness and research for aids. they set off from the cow palace early yesterday. aids lifecycle has been happening every year since 1993. hiv is no longer the automatic death sentence it once was. >> i'm here for future generations. it's -- you know, every child coming of age has to deal with this. and we want to find a cure. not just about helping those who have it but we want to find a cure and stop it. >> 2700 riders will cover the 545 miles over the next week. this year, they have raised more than $14 million for research as well as services for those who have the disease. 6:20 now. the giants getting hammered on the road. could they avoid a sweep in st. louis yesterday? we'll tell you. >> all right. and plus, the red-hot as shut out the white sox. we have your sports highlights coming up after the break.
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and as the now countdown to labor day is still on, we're watching and keeping you updated on the progress of the new bay bridge. ,, you kids should count yourselves lucky. we didn't have u-verse back in my day. you couldn't just... guys... there you are. you know you couldn't just pause a show in one room, then... where was i... you couldn't pause a show in one room then start playing it in another. and...i'm talking to myself... [ male announcer ] call to get u-verse tv for just $19 a month
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they swept the chicago whitx at the coliseum. starting pitcher jarrod parr struck out seven batters and not give up a run. in the 6th inning josh donaldson h sacrifice fly to score coco oakland as swept the white sox out of the coliseum. josh donaldson a sac. fly. that will score coco crisp coming in from third. he is safe. go to the 8th. chris took off on a hit-and-run perfect, perfect shot here by jed lowrie singles up the middle, ball gets bobbled out in center. and it's good news for the as as they score another. they win 2-0. they won 14 of the last 16 games. hottest team in baseball.
6:25 am
giants and cardinals chad gaudin in for ryan vogelsong. cardinals with two men on. malia up the middle, crawford starts the double play. very impressive. molina is ticked off. cardinals tie it up. double in the 7th. giants win 4-2 ending the 7 game road skid and they are not swept in st. louis. play of the day, ncaa baseball regionals, indiana with the leaping catch at the wall. watch the catch. that baby is gone. he will lean over with the glove. pull it back. he is not done yet. he will throw to the relay man. the relay man will go to first for a double play in fine fashion and your play of the day. the hoosiers won 6-1. that's your catch right there. >> that's a great catch, too. 6:25 right now. coming up, thousands forced to get out. how firefighters plan to tackle
6:26 am
a growing wildfire in southern california. >> a tree coming down blocking a major street here in san francisco. the damage and how long it's going to take to get it cleaned up. >> reporter: i'm sue kwon at the richmond/san rafael bridge. commuters are snaking around the new "s" curve. construction to slow you down coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the east- and westbound traffic is going to share total of four lanes. >> a headache for commuters on the richmond/san rafael bridge. >> this is the most devastating fire that i have ever experienced. >> it's terrifying. >> thousands evacuate as a
6:30 am
wildfire in southern california explodes in size. >> the so-called powerhouse fire has already destroyed six homes and damaged 15 more. >> i had to have a way for my brother to die, it would be doing what he did. >> three veteran storm chasers are killed in a violent oklahoma tornado. >> just like this tsunami of debris. >> seeing the -- seeing the this oak tree obviously raises concerns about the others still stand in the park. ♪[ music ] >> thousands show up to watch sting rock the america's cup concert series. >> exciting to me to see for free. >> some people saying it's too loud. >> from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning. captions by: caption colorado good morning. it's monday, june 3, i'm michelle griego. >> start of the workweek. i'm frank mallicoat. 6:30. give yourself extra time if you are planning on taking the richmond/san rafael represent today. >> that's because new lane changes have gone into effect this morning. traffic has been shifted on 580
6:31 am
just east of the toll plaza on the richmond side. kpix 5 reporter sue kwon joins us live now from the approach and, sue, how's it it going? >> reporter: well, it's definitely the monday morning commute. if you are heading towards san rafael, you want to budget for that extra time bring extra coffee as you can see approaching the toll plaza. there is an "s" curve and the traffic is slowing down in the two lanes. let's look at what this looks like from overhead. what you have are two lot of lanes that are shut down all of those westbound drivers now shifting across the median to the right side of the screen sharing a total of four lanes. so, you know, it's very tight no shoulders. you have east- and westbound driver's side by side. this is all so caltrans can replace roadway sections that happen to be running over chevron pipes. >> it's the bridge that crosses the chevron oil pipes. so it's dangerous. they are crossing over those big pipes. it's got to be done carefully. and they can't have cars going
6:32 am
on and around it while they're doing it. >> and there's also detours at the eastbound 580 western on- ramp closed for three months. that impacts residents in the harbor area. a due tour will run under 580 at the existing bicycle facility and then those big rigs have to detour west across the bridge, turn around at san quentin and make their way back across at the 9-mile detour. coming live around the "s" curve these drivers are taking it easy no incidents so far, but it's definitely slowing down to 10, 15 miles an hour in the area and going the other direction, lots of trucks, some taillights, but still smooth. and for more on bay area traffic, here's elizabeth wenger. we're closely monitoring the traffic sensors on westbound 580 for all those people heading toward the richmond/san rafael bridge. that new lane configuration started yesterday morning and we saw a good sized backup sunday during the day. this new speed limit in that area 45 miles per hour.
6:33 am
and there's no shoulder in the area. so if there's even one crash or stall it could take longer to clear so we'll be watching that area throughout the morning commute. in the meantime, this is our hotspot right now. some late running roadwork near the airport. northbound 101 from sfo towards 380 various lanes blocked so we are seeing unusual amounts of delays and traffic in that area. 280 is moving fine. and a check of mass transit ace train number 3 got a late start because of some earlier freight train traffic. so right now, they are telling us 15-minute delays for ace train number three but bart systemwide, muni and caltrain are all good to go. a quick look at the bay bridge toll plaza, the metering lights were turned on just after 6:00 like they usually are, and now you're stacked up towards about the foot of the maze. that is traffic. for your forecast, here's lawrence. all right. there's some patchy fog outside but i found a little sunshine for you, too from our mount vaca cam. we have sunny skies to start out the day and that's the way it looks in many of the interior valleys although we have plenty of patchy fog over
6:34 am
the bay now a sign of the sea breeze kicking in and cooler temperatures returning to the bay area. not going to be cold, but these numbers will be down from the weekend highs. temperatures now in the 40s and 50s. but by the afternoon, we'll see those highs moving up much cooler than yesterday. of course, we had 90s in some of the valleys today as much as 2 to 13 degrees cooler, still about 80 degrees in concord, 82 livermore, about 63 degrees in san francisco. there's a heat wave on the horizon. we'll have more coming up. a developing story now in san francisco where a large tree collapsed this morning crushing a car and partially blocking a road. holly quan joins us. it looks like a mess. >> reporter: yes. it's actually all the lanes of lombard headed towards the bridge closed right now. it's not a big traffic headache because it's early but it could be a problem later on. you will have to detour at
6:35 am
laguna just one broke right at the middle a tree fell on a trunk of a car in the middle of the night. there was no wind last night but city workers have been reporting several downed trees in recent weeks that were brought on by the winds we experienced weeks ago that weakened roots of old trees. they haven't started work on getting this out of the road. expect lanes of lombard towards the golden gate to be closed for hours. >> thank you. holly quan, thank you. another tree down in san jose is still being cleaned up. arborists will be out today trying to figure out what caused the 100-year-old oak tree to split in half and fall. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is at the scene in the willow glen neighborhood. good morning, cate. >> reporter: good morning, michelle. taking a look at this tree behind me, neighbors this morning are a little uneasy about the other trees in their neighborhoods. you can see the damage for yourself. arborists are still not sure what caused the 60-foot oak tree to fall and they will be
6:36 am
back to continue the work they started this past weekend. [ chainsaws ] >> reporter: now, tree specialists will have their work cut out for them today. in addition to clearing this area, they will be back trying to figure out how this happened. the tree fell saturday afternoon. the 49ers coaching staff and wives were having a private party when the tree split in half. half of it crashed on cars on camino ramon. the other on the bowling green area. >> it was just like this tsunami of debris and least and sticks and dust just blew ahead of us. it was just an incredible thing. >> now, we know that the tree is more than 100 years old and tree specialists say it appears there was some kind of decay inside the tree. but they are still going to do some studies to figure out the cause. back out live, you can see there's a significant amount of damage done to these cars here on camino ramon. the owners of these cars tell kpix 5 the city will be the
6:37 am
ones to pick up the tab for this mess. live in san jose, back to you in the studio. >> thank you. as for the injuries, a woman was hit by a branch and a man was either near or inside a car when that tree came down. both are expected to be okay. 6:37 now. we have some developing news out of southern california. a massive wildfire that's been burning for five days has grown overnight but crews are progressing and building a line around the fire. we have some live pictures here. it's happening about 30 miles north of los angeles. flames have reached the high desert city of lancaster there. more than 29,000 acres have burned nearly 3,000 people have been forced out of their homes. six homes in all have been destroyed. the fire is burning dense brush on very rugged terrain that hasn't burned for more than 80 years. people living in the fire's path say they can't believe what they're seeing. >> seeing the picture of the
6:38 am
house above on the ridge gone, it's really scary. i just keep looking at the news and wanting to see a picture of my house. >> three firefighters suffered minor injuries. the fire is 40% contained. the cause is under investigation. hope is fading for seven people still unaccounted for after the latest violent storms hit oklahoma over the weekend. friday's tornadoes and floods killed at least 13 people in the el reno area. and in some cases people sought shelter from the tornadoes in drainage ditches only to be swept away by massive floodwaters. as for the survivors whose homes have been damaged, friends are doing what they can to help out. >> we're out just trying to gather pictures and any kind of personal items that we can find out in the field for them. >> among those killed were veteran storm chasers tim and paul samaras and carl young. they were hit by a twister. one of the bodies was found a half mile from the vehicle. bay area red cross chapters
6:39 am
have sent members to oklahoma to help relief efforts. in the bay area, one of the suspects in the murder of a millionaire in monte sereno has been released from custody. prosecutors say they freed 26- year-old lucas anderson thursday after they confirmed his alibi that he was in the hospital at the time of the killing. four others are still charged in the november murder of ravi kumra, a former own of the mountain winery. an oakland man will be back in court for sentencing today. 26-year-old george huggins was convicted of robbing and killing a virginia man who was in the bay area for a job interview at google last july. huggins faces life in prison without parole. 6:39. the trial of reputed mobster whitey bulger begins today in massachusetts. he was caught in 2011 in santa monica after nearly 16 years on the run. 83-year-old bulger faces charges in connection with 19 murders. prosecutors plan to call several mob figures during the
6:40 am
trying. bulger's lawyers say they will attack the credibility of those witnesses. time now is 6:39. coming up, kim and kanye reveal the sex of their baby. >> california's controversy bullet train. >> and the market just old up about 10 minutes ago. let's get a look at the early numbers. so far, looking good. we'll get an update from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. ,, ,,,,
6:41 am
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6:43 am
the air again. the solar powered plane took off from dallas fort worth earlier ts morning. a flight to st. louis is exp the solar power impulse is back in the air again. it took off from dallas/fort worth this morning. a flight to st. louis expected to take about 21 hours. it is the longest leg of a cross-country mission that started here in the bay area.
6:44 am
aircraft has no conventional fuel and is flying at 14 miles per hour. little by little it's getting there. california's massive high- speed rail project is hitting another speed bump. >> the controversial bullet train is now at the center of a court battle in sacramento. "san francisco examiner" columnist melissa griffin joins us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. >> all right. so tell us about this. >> reporter: on friday the judge heard arguments in a lawsuit brought by plaintiffs who say back in 2008 when voters approved proposition 1a it was very specific. it was $10 billion for a $40 billion project that was supposed to have lots of ridership and private financing. fast forward to today, and what is being proposed is a $68 billion project with no private financing lined up and no environmental findings that are supposed to be in place. so the state is now asking -- they want $2.7 billion of that 2008 money, they say we're ready starting to build and
6:45 am
this lawsuit says wait just a minute, because the permission we gave you don't exactly apply at this point in the game because of the boondoggle is different. >> what's the government's defense? > >> reporter: they say you gave us a large berth to move around. the standard the government is held to in these cases is something called abuse o discretion. for a layman it's crazy. if it's not, it's fine. the plaintiffs say no, you have to substantially comply with what the voters passed. again, that's sort of part of the fight that the judge is going to have to determine. >> what's to stop the government from promising things on the ballot and going back on it? >> reporter: maybe nothing. depending on the outcome of this case. what's fascinating about the voluminous documents that have been filed is unbefore the things the government is arguing is they say, look, the
6:46 am
voter guide in 2008, the arguments against high-speed rail, said this is nothing but a blank check. there's no guarantee that the rail is ever going to get built and basically tore it apart as being unspecific. they say look, shea, voters, you knew it was unspecific and you voted for it anyway. so we are going to be okay with just sort of moving things a little to the left. it was clear from the voter guide that we would be able to do that. which as a voter is really disheartening. >> crazy. >> i guess bakersfield to fresno? they are ready to go. but do you think this thing will get done? >> reporter: this part of the rail has already been funded. there's $3 billion in federal money that we got in 2012. and the state says we're going to go ahead and build this part of the track. we are going to start with the federal billions and then dip into the additional $3 billion we'll get once we get through this legal process. so at the very least, this unelectrified no train station- having section is probably
6:47 am
going to get built. we're not sure about the rest. >> but if you commute from bakersfield to fresno, you're all set. >> do we know what the commuters say? >> reporter: a poll taken this year in march shows that 54% of likely voters would vote against high-speed rail at this point. remember, it only passed 52-48 back in 2008. it was not overwhelming. and it seems that public opinion has shifted. governor jerry brown is going to be prosing a new water system overhaul and we're still dealing with the fallout of the bay bridge. it seems like infrastructure is not our thing in california. >> maybe not. >> thank you. remember, you can find more of melissa's segments on apple is accused of colliding with publishers to raise the prices of ebooks. here to chat about it is kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. >> reporter: good morning. the odds are stacked against
6:48 am
apple a bit in this case. only one left on file. several book publishers have already settled with the federal government over this case. and there is no jury. it's a judge that will decide this. a week and a half ago the judge who is presiding over this case said that it is likely that the federal government has enough evidence to say that apple indeed did collude in fixing ebook prices so publishers would set the prices rather than retailers. getting word on may auto sales from detroit's big three this morning, and it was a good month for chrysler and ford. haven't heard from gm yet. chrysler sales were up by 11 months the best since may 2007. fords up 14%. both saw strong sales in the pickups. dodge ram was up as well as the ford f-series a 31% gain in sales last month. a rough day on friday. a lot of portfolio managers rebalancing their books at the end of the month. dow down 208 in the process.
6:49 am
looking to rebound this morning. we'll see how the numbers are doing. the dow so far is doing well. it's up by 45 points. the nasdaq is down by 11. s&p down 1. yelp down 4%. linkedin down 3%. back to you. >> thank you, kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. time now for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." charlie rose is in the big chair this morning. >> reporter: the big chair. good morning, frank and michelle. ahead, are storm chasers going too far? the extreme danger facing the scientists and thrill seekers who hunt tornadoes. plus, senator john mccain is in studio 57. we'll ask him about the irs scandal and his surprise visit to syria. the news is back in the morning. see you at 7:00. >> all right. charlie rose, coming up at 7:00 right here on kpix 5. thank you -- thank you, charlie. have a good show.
6:50 am
lawrence karnow, it's your turn. >> finally cooler weather. getting hot for some folks. i know a lot of people enjoy it, too, but temperatures beginning to cool down as the sea breeze is blowing carrying with it low clouds and fog. looks like plenty of sunshine through the afternoon and cooler than most for outside. numbers mild through the middle of the week. and if you like the heat, then you're going to like the end of the week again. we have a major heat wave maybe even hotter than this last weekend. low pressure off the coastline spinning around just deep enough to bring low clouds and fog along the coastline and helping to cool down the temperatures making it milder today around the bay area and cool at the coastline. around the state you will find hot numbers. 94 degrees in fresno. 93 in sacramento. slight chance of thunderstorms in the high country. watch out for that but a pleasant 76 degrees in lake tahoe. around the bay a lot of 70s and low 80s towards los gatos, 71 milpitas, 72 mountain view, 76
6:51 am
san jose. east bay numbers where we had 90s yesterday probably 70s and low 80s. inside the bay we'll feel that sea breeze. temperatures in the 60s, 60s and 70s into the north bay. next couple of days temperatures just about the same through wednesday. and then on thursday, they start to jump up again. big time heat toward triple digits as we look toward next weekend. it's going to get hot. >> in time for another weekend. thanks, lawrence. we got a couple of problems on the roads right now. traveling into oakland city streets there's a car fire reported at fifth and adeline. and it's actually putting out a lot of smoke. visible from the freeway. 880 is right over this car fire. so just a heads up there. lanes are also blocked near the intersection. and a pretty major accident sounding like involving a pickup or a box truck, rather, and a big rig. northbound 880 approaching industrial parkway. this is coming into hayward. they have two lanes blocked off now. the number 2 and number 3 lanes. so you can see it's very slow heading towards highway 92.
6:52 am
and late running roadwork still causing some problems near the airport. northbound 101 between sfo and 380. so kcbs sky one just flew over. they are finally in the process of re-opening lanes right now but this roadwork was scheduled to wrap up at 6:00 and we got a long line of brake lights as far south as burlingame. outside quick check outside here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights are on now. so we are starting to see delays towards about the foot of the maze. about 15, 20 minutes to get you on the bridge this morning. and the san mateo bridge is looking good. no delay at all. but traffic is beginning to pick up a little in the commute direction towards the high-rise. that's a check of your "timesaver traffic." back to you guys. thank you. actress angelina jolie hit the red carpet for the first time after having a double mastectomy. jolie attended the london premier of brad pitt's new zombie thriller "world war z" and while on the red carpet she says she is feeling great and is humbled by the outpouring of
6:53 am
support. >> i have been very happy just to see the discussion about women's health expanded and that means the world to me. >> i think as the father it's keeping the family alive and together and she did that for us. getting a bit teary eyed. >> she had her breasts removed because of a gene mutation that puts her at high risk of cancer. her mother died from cancer at 56. and in cares' wondering, we are learning more about the soon-to-arrive kardashian kid. >> some are. kim and her boyfriend have revealed they are having a girl. and as with most things, kardashian the baby's gender was revealed on television. kim visited her obstetrician all part of last night's episode of keeping up with the kardashians. the 32-year-old celebrity will give birth next month. >> it will be a beautiful girl. >> she is ready. >> time now 6:53. coming up a final check of your top stories. >> including a big tree that came crashing down in the city. how it could cause a big
6:54 am
headache for the morning commute. coming up. ,,,, (sir can-a-lot) good day, ma' lady. [muffled] i am sir can-a-lot. i am sir can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam!
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dance class, shopping, and more. so do something nice for it. chevron with techron. care for your car. we're following this mornin a new lane configuration go into e welcome back. quick look at our top stories we're following on this monday. >> a new lane configuration goes into effect this morning on the richmond/san rafael bridge. westbound traffic will move across the median to share eastbound lanes. that means there will be two narrow westbound lanes and two eastbound lanes. the changes could last for three months as crews replace the westbound approach to the bridge. a large tree collapses in san francisco this morning crushing that car you see there. blocking off the road, too. nobody was injured but lombard street will be closed between laguna and buchanan streets until they can get the tree out
6:58 am
of the way. and work crews are cleaning up after a towering oak tree fell at a park in san jose's willow glen. the 100-year-old tree split in half saturday at willow street bramhall park damaging cars. >> all about trees today. >> yeah. trees falling everywhere. >> san jose, here in the city. >> all that hot weather over the weekend. >> yeah. >> you know, it's cooling down, guys, now. we have the sea breeze kicking in, patchy fog moving in an lot bay and along the coastline we are going to see cooler numbers outside today. temperatures now starting out mainly in the 50s. by the afternoon, it will still be warm inland. you will still see 80s there. 60s and 70s inside the bay and 50s and 60s at the coast. keeping the numbers down but if you like the heat, temperatures near 100 degrees toward next weekend. >> thank you, lawrence. i just want to mention update you on this richmond/san rafael bridge situation. they did the new lane configurations in the first
6:59 am
morning commute and we are now beginning to see some slowdowns. if you are heading towards the bridge, expect some changes. it is backed up towards richmond parkway. and another quick note, new accident reported 5 cars southbound 680 by stone valley road. >> all right. >> are you ready for this next story? a little llama drama in florida. check it out. [ llama yelling ] >> well, this llama with drama got loose in tallahassee. there was screaming and spitting. and an all-out effort to get the llama in a trailer there. deputies used a taser to subdue the 6-foot animal. it's back with its owner who won't face charges. >> i totally want to hear the screaming again. i don't know why. strange sound. >> poor little guy. >> sounded scared. >> 6:59. thanks for watching. remember your next local update is 7:25. "cbs this morning" is next.
7:00 am
in the meantime enjoy your monday, everybody. see you again tomorrow morning. captions by: caption colorado . good morning to our viewers in the west. it is monday, june 3rd, 2013. welcome to "cbs this morning." a wildfire sends thousands out of their california homes. in oklahoma, seven people are still missing from friday's deadly storms. the irs faces even more controversy. we'll get reaction from senator john mccain right here in studio 57. and angelina jolie, her first public appearance since telling the world about her double mastectomy. >> but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. the flames were 200 feet high. it was horrible. we couldn't breathe. it was nothing but smoke. >> wildfires rage across southern california. >> the massive powerhouse fire has already destroyed six homes


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